Thursday, December 31, 2015


Random thoughts...
It's New Year's Eve! Which means a new year, untouched, ready-to-use, no assembly required. It also means resolutions that will probably be forgotten and abandoned by August. And it means a celebration most people don't know about... my birthday! Being born two days after New Year's, it's always been multiple days straight of celebration.
We started this blog about when I was 10. Three years later, I have not only this blog, but another one called Creations by Kaytie. Thirteen long years ago, I was born with cleft lip and palate. Thirteen years ago, a kid made to be unlike any other came into the world. Thirteen years ago...
So much has changed since then. I've accomplished many goals, failed many times, tried new things, got better at old things, met new people, got to know people that I thought I already knew, made big decisions, made bad decisions, and met Jesus. Makes me wonder what I can do in the next years of my life!
I used to have my focus on the past rather that what'll happen in the future. Now it's balanced out. I like looking back on memories, but I also like planning for the future. Becoming a teenager will be a big milestone in my life that comes with more privileges and trials. I will be expected to be more responsible and more and more helpful around the house. But I will also get more freedom with certain things. Being the oldest in my family isn't easy, but I'm happy that I will get to guide my little sister because I've been there. But for now, I'm ready to stick with where I am now.
Looking forward and back, future and past,

Friday, August 21, 2015


Hi everyone! Its been awhile since I wrote, so I'll just give an update on whats been going on.
 I've been busy writing stories, songs, and poetry. The stories are about a superhero I made up. (More on that on my blog, Creations by Kaytie.)
 The last I wrote about our pets, we had Lox and Keys. They died, unfortunately. We then got another goldfish named Sinbad. He also died. We seem to have trouble with goldfish. Recently we got a Beta, called Omega Pi. We hope he will last longer.☺
  Soccer season will start soon. We are very excited! Our freinds will not be doing it this season though. :(  I hope our last coaches will be coaching again this year.
 School has started again. This year I'm in 7th grade. I am doing Zeta in Math-U-See, level 5 in All About Spelling, and Apologia General Science.I am also using How Great Thou Art (art program) along with Artistic Pursuits. We use Mystery Of History during Morning Meeting. We each are learning Spanish as a second language. For the little kids, we use FlipFlop Spanish, while for us two older kids, we use Duolingo.  I hope to learn either French or Low German as a third language.
 I have been reading diversely, as usual. Lately it has been mostly mysteries, comics (material for aforesaid stories!) , and a series called Over Sea, Under Stone. For a good mystery story for older readers, I recommend Half Moon Investigations. As far as I know, there is only one book, but it may be a series. There is also, for younger readers, the Encyclopedia Brown series.
    I hope you enjoyed hearing about whats been going on, and I hope you will come back for more!

The Dreaded Jungle Basset

Sofie is 5 she is very cute. We call her The Dreaded Jungle Basset. She likes taking naps. I love her. Sofie is a good dog. She likes to be inside and she does not like to eat her dog food. She would rather have table scraps. She thinks she is a kid like us. Whenever we are gone for awhile, when we come back she takes laps around the house because she is so happy that we are home.

This is a picture of me and my dog Sofie.

My hobbies.

My hobbies are,
Fishing.Recently I have taken up fishing.I like going out to a lake and fishing. I have caught bluegill, perch, bass, catfish,and sunfish.☺

Bug collecting.I have caught crickets,caterpillars (good fishing bait) ants,and antlions but I have only successfully kept the antlions.:(


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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I am yours, but other people use me more than you do.What am I?

2 people are dead, But they are not hurt, they are young, they are not poisoned or sick and the window is open. How did they die?

You are in a room with walls made with 6 feet of concrete and 6 feet of brick and all you have is a mirror and a 2 by 4. How do you get out?

Answers in comments below.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chapter 2 of my horse story

When Princess Rose found her freinds, they were in the medow, picking flowers. At least, Bluebonnet was. Rascal was playing in the brook. "Hello, Bluebonnet! Hello, Rascal! Do you want to go for a gallop with me?" Rose asked. Bluebonnet replied, " Of course! Where to?" "Can we go through the village to the forest?" Inquired Rascal. Rose said, "Alright, but we need to be careful. The forest is dark, and there are lots of dangerous things."  Bluebonnet sighed. "Rose, you worry too much.Nothing can happen!" "Alright! Stop talking and let's get a move on! I don't have a lot of time before the dressmaker comes and I have to go home."

Later, as they were just reaching the forest, Rose gasped, "Oh no! I hear something! Is that a lion??" "Yes," replied a familiar voice, "Its me!" Bluebonnet exclaimed, "Its Leo!" "Of course it is!" Leo replied. "Lets go!"  yelled Rascal, plunging into the dark trees, "Its almost time for Rose to go!" Rose explained, "Its my birthday tomorrow, and we're going to have a party. My mother wants to have my dress ready, so the dressmaker is coming today. Lets go!" and they galloped into the forest.

There is  still more, it will be coming soon in chapter 3!